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~*Baby blue*~
~*Baby blue*~

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Name: Anahí Giovanna Puente Portillo
Date of Birth: May 7, 1980
Zodiac sign: Taurus
Birthplace: Mexico City
Career: Two-year-old began his career in
Chiquilladas program for several years was the picture of a
refrescos.Además known brand of the item I give you a kiss
played by the singer served to
children's programming daily closing of the channel 5.
has also participated in several films including: Born to
die with Humberto Zurita, was once a star with David
Reynoso and Pedro Fernández, among others. From very young actress
made several television work to surprise everyone,
her charisma and innate artistic quality, some of programs which
benefited from their participation were: Chiquilladas, Female cases
real life, marked time, the Web. Anahí DISCOGRAPHY You Say
is it tomorrow? and included topics such as: Descontrolándote and Heart
bombón.Además was artist of the Messenger of God, Baby
Blue in which fell off hits like: First Love
Superenamorandome, Telenovela First Love, a mile a minute
performing a duet alongside Kuno Becker and was a classic

Participate in Class 406 2nd season. Anahí has not only won the
public recognition, since during his career he has
several awards including: the Ariel for his performance in the film was
Once a star in 1991, also in this same year won the
Palme d'Or for her acting career RBD infantil.Forma Party

Anahí Biography

Work / Biofrafía

• Name:
Anahi Giovanna Puente Portilla

• Date of Birth
May 14, 1983

• Place of Birth
Mexico City, Mexico

• Astrological Sign

• Favorite Food

• Pets
2 dogs, Pancho and Puppy

• fictional hero

• Color
He likes the color blue

• q you like?
always bring their jeans.

• Hobbies
Her hobbies include tennis, listen to all kinds of music
especially that of Luis Miguel and a song by Celia Cruz
is called "Carnival."

More than a guy would be in place for Miguel Arango
receive the tender glances and caresses of the sexy Mia Colucci. Not
matter who is at Roberta says, "one neuron, as
by way of being all is forgiven this little girl who
has outgrown its little tantrums rich girl to worry
more for their friends, but especially for children who have never
had the same privileges as her.

And is that, unlike Mia Colucci, Anahí has had to work
very hard to earn the respect and affection, not just their fans
but people with whom he shares the forums every day because
since I was little has worked very hard to achieve as a

For those who do not yet know his full name is Anahi
Giovanna Puente Portilla was born in Mexico City, May 14
1982 and their astrological sign is Taurus, so it claims to be stable and
home. Says he likes all kinds of men.
Was recently linked romantically with her partner
Christopher Uckerman, but confesses that his first and great love
will always be God.

One day wants to become a fashion designer,
since one of his greatest dreams, when no more
to give as an actress, is to have a boutique in Milan, Italy. Anahi
began his career in ascending Chiquilladas program, the
age of 2 years and thanks to this fortunate intervention became
for several years in the image of a famous mark

Thanks to his charisma and talent had several units
related programs such as Women, Real Life Stories, Time Stamp
Checked, Single Dad, and Super Wave, among others. As far as
soap operas are concerned, no LA participated in Paradise
Muchachitas, Selfish Mothers, Alondra, Tu y yo, My Little
Traviesa, Daniela's Diary, but his fame soared when
participate in the telenovela Primer Amor a mile a minute (a remake of
Quinceañera), which was produced by Pedro Damian who
also worked on the successful Class 406 and now Rebel
telenovela that has exceeded expectations by far own
and strangers.

But not everything has been hunky-dory in the life of Anahí and
some years ago was on the verge of death, as she
has been said several times, as during the
Tricked Women's recordings, was the victim of anorexia.

In musical terms, this beautiful girl with deep blue eyes not
had many successes such as those now in RBD, no
Despite having recorded three solo albums: Anahí, Today is
Morning and Baby Blue.

The rebels are in a rush with recordings of
telenovela, which was announced last until May.
Now, along with their peers rather than this famous group,
new account is stuck in the recording studio, as
RBD is ending what will be his second album in Portuguese
Our Love

For everything is super good, the production of Peter Damian
they have mounted a recording studio in a clubhouse, and also
has placed a professor of Portuguese to his pronunciation
is correct.

The band plans to return to Brazil in May for
give a series of concerts, but now hope that all is well
well organized, as in his first visit there was much
disorganization, causing him to lose the three girls
life, a fact which has not yet been able to meet these guys,
Anahí particular, who is the most sensitive of all.


Full Nome: Anahí Giovanna Puente Portillo.
Idade: 22 years.
Data Nascimento: 14 de Maio de 1980.
Do Zodiac Sign: Touro.
Nascimento Location: Cidade do Mexico, Distrito Federal (Mexico).

Aos dois years idade, começou Anahí no children's program
"Chiquilladas (Criança) and by garota foi muito tempo ela-
uma propaganda brand coolant. Além disso, a canção
"Te Doy Un Besito" (Te dou um beijinho), played by ela
Mesma foi desse issue of program do daily encerramento
Channel 5 do Mexico.

Anahí em muito também participou films such as "Born To
Dying "(NASCAR die) com Humberto Zurita," Once Upon
A Star "(Havi once uma uma estrela) com and David Reynoso
Pedro Fernández, among outros.

From criança, muito fez trabalhos to Atriz for Televisão,
surpreendendo all for eo seu seu Sun artistic charisma.
Alguns Desses participou programs, foram: "Chiquilladas"
(Criança), "Woman - Real Life Stories" (Mulher - Case da
real life), "appointed time", "The Cobweb" (A Teia of Aranha) e muito

Mais late na participou young adult novel "Class 406 - Second
Season. Anahí não só ganhou or do Reconhecimento public
during a sua Carreira pois ganhou several awards, including or "Prêmio
Ariel Hair no seu trabalho film "Once Upon A Star", em
1991, e nesse mesmo ganhou year or prize "Golden Palm"
(Palma de ouro) pela sua Carreira, such as child Atriz ..

<Br> Atualmente, Anahí, is Fazendo a novel "Rebelde" e é integral
Mexican pop group RBD do.

01 - "Anahí - Today Is Tomorrow?" (Anahí - Hoje é Amanhã?) Com
music as "Descontrolándote (thuggin-te) and" Heart
From Blossom "(Coração de bom-bom). Além disso, foi interpreter do
tem "Messenger of the Lord" (Mensageiro Senhor).

02 - "Baby Blue." From this record, surgiram sucesso as: "First
Love (Primeiro love) and "super love" (Super

03 - "First Love, A Thousand Per Hour (Soundtrack) - Trilha da sound
novel "Primeiro Amor, A Mil Per Hour, dueto com um by
Kuno Becker ator e cantor, making-is um clássico novels.


Anahí Giovanna Puente Portillo
Date of Birth: 14th May 1980
Place of Birth: Mexico City
Astrological Sign: Taurus

She started her career at the age of two in the program
"Chiquilladazas" During many years and She was the image of a
Well-Known brand soft drink. Beside, the song "Te Doy Un Besito"
Interpreted by the singer Was Used to close the children's daily
programming of Channel 5 in Mexico.
She has Also Participate in Such movies as "Born To Die"
with Humberto Zurita, "Once Upon A Star" with David
Reynoso and Pedro Fernández, Among Others.

From an early age the actress did Several television jobs, Surprising
everybody by her charisma and innate artistic quality. Some of the
Were she Programs Participate in "childish", "Woman Case
Real Life, "" appointed time "," The Cobweb. "

She Also Participate in "Clase 406" (2nd Season). Not you Anahí
Acknowledge people's won only But she has Also Obtained Several
Such awards as the Ariel award after-her acting in the film "There
Once Upon A Star "in 1991, and in That same year she won the
Gold Palm Award for her career as a young actress.

Anahi is now a member of the soap opera Rebelde's cast and a
member of RBD.

"Anahí -" Today Is Tomorrow? "That included songs like
"Descontrolándote" and "Corazon De Bombon." She Also Interpreted
the song "The Lord's Messenger."
"Baby Blue", from which "First Love" and "super love"
"First Love, A Thousand Per Hour (Soundtrack) making a duet with Kuno
Becker, a classic in soap operas.


Television Programs

(1986 first time in television)
"The Cobweb" (1986)
"Chiquilladas" (1988 - 1993)
"Super waves" (1989)

"A pure and with salt" (video-theater)

"Woman, real-life cases"
(Guest artist)
"Marked time" (guest artist)

"Dr. Candido Perez (guest artist)

"Single Dad" (guest artist)

"Additions R" (2005) .... Anahí

"The Family" (2007) ... Any


"Muchachitas (1991) Betty

"Angels without Paradise (1992) Claudia
"Selfish Mothers (1993)
"Alondra" (1995) Margarita
"You and I" (1996) ... Cast: Melissa
"My little sleeper (1998) Samantha
"I live by Elena (1998) Talita

"Women Cheat (1999) Jessica Duarte
"Daniela's Diary" (1999) Adela Monroy
"First love ... a thousand miles per hour (2000) Jovana
"Clase 406 (2002) Jessica Riquelme
"Rebelde" (2004-2006) Mía Colucci
"Lola Erase Once" as Anahi RBD


"Murder in cold blood" (1989)
"Once Upon a Star" (1989)
"Born to Die" (1991)
"Ayudame compadre (1992)
"The Winner" (1992)
"I do not defend my friend" (for video)
"Blue Afternoon"
"Unexpected Love" (1999)

Theater Works

'The Steadfast Tin Soldier "
"We have to marry Daddy"
"Tom Sawyer" Chiquilladas "
(1986 first time in television)

Short Data

Name: Anahi Giovanna Puente Portillo
Date of Birth: May 14, 1980
Date: Any or Anny
His favorite book: The Alchemist
What makes you happy: Peter Pan
Because she believes in horoscope: Because I believe in good luck and
Religion: Catholic
Favorite Singer: Luis Miguel & Madonna
Favorite Restaurant: Suntory
Favorite Food: Sushi
Drink: Ice Water, all with ice and tequila
Beach: Cancun
Hobbies: Swimming, sleeping, dancing, listening to music with the ipod,
designing clothes ...
Animal: Dolphin and of course their dogs Puppy and Pancho
What bothers you about his physique: Your legs
Her Boyfriends: Recognized 3
Favorite Color: Blue
Her garment that never lacks in his bag: Some jeans
Her favorite hero: Peter Pan
Her Charms: The Stars
She always carries in his pocket, digital camera and mobile phone.
Hobbies: Put the air conditioning too cold
Most hated subject: Math
Dance: Flamenco, small-des was already taking classes Anahí
Flamenco, now dances it
Her weakness: His niece, Ana Paula, daughter of her older sister
Marychelo, Tinkywinky flame.
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